What is ERP?

ERP stands for Enterprise Resource Planning. ERP is a management system consisting of a set of software “Modules” that serve the transactional and administrative processes of an enterprise.

ERP provides an organized method to maximize the performance of a business through the logical and secure exchange and sharing of common data.

ERP Modules

Potential and official customer management. Manage quotes, orders/contracts. After-sales management such as warranty policy, maintenance, etc.

Manage orders/contracts, monitoring payment including advance and late payment, input and output debt, etc.

Manage each purchase plan, compare prices, quotation invitations, purchase orders and manage purchase prices by supplier, etc.

Manage equipment asset lists, purchase requisitions, supply plans, bid letters for each supplier. Manage purchase orders and payments, etc.

Manage import orders according to purchase orders, stockpile semi-finished/finished products, check actual inventory status in real time and export reports, etc.

Management of BOQs between the investor  and subcontractors. Manage contract implementation progress between Investor and subcontractors. Manage project payment and settlement records, etc

Manage how to set up product components (B.O.M) and supply requests according to B.O.M norms, etc.

Full functions of accounting, exchange rate difference assessment, cost accounting, employee advances paycheck and accounting reports, etc.

Detailed features of Worldsoft ERP Elite

Category management: Customers, products…

Factory price list

Quote Management

Sales order management

Sales report:

  • Order progress tracking
  • Trading report
  • Sales report by employee
  • Sales report by invoice
  • Business targets
  • Summary of customer classification
  • Compilation of customer feedback
  • Product order tracking

Make a reserve order

Customer classification: Criteria, sales

Warranty management

Summary reports, customer feedback


For investors

  • Subcontractor packages
  • Subcontractor contract
  • Contract Addendum
  • Liquidation
  • Minutes of contract acceptance
  • Confirm payment volume
  • Payment value spreadsheet
  • View the project cost overview report
  • Payment order

For subcontractors

  • Investor bidding package
  • Investor contract
  • Contract Addendum
  • Liquidation
  • Minutes of contract acceptance
  • Confirmation of completed volume
  • Payment spreadsheet with investors
  • Project cost overview report
  • Payment order

Other areas

  • Manage price list
  • Order/sales contract
  • Appendix of business contract
  • Payment according to the sales order contract
  • Contract of purchase and supply of materials
  • Offer to pay suppliers
  • Declare sales invoices
  • Sales report by invoice
  • Contract/order debt report

Manage the list of materials and suppliers

Manage NCC quotes

  • Manage selling prices by Supplier
  • Manage price review
  • Supplier price comparison manager
  • Invitation letter/quotation sheet

Planning to buy

  • Summary of purchase requests
  • Create a purchasing plan for employees
  • Manage purchase orders for goods/services
  • Track purchases
  • Supplier Payment Tracking

Purchase statistics by Supplier

Price change history by Supplier

Outsourcing price management

The process of buying and renewing Asset

  1. Manage Asset. portfolio
  2. Management of demand for purchasing/granting Asset
  3. Asset . supply plan
  4. Summary of the plan to buy Asset.
  5. Manage invitations and quotes.
  6. Purchase order for Asset.
  7. Management of import and export of Asset.
  8. Asset statistical report.

The process of repairing and liquidating Asset

  1. Manage a portfolio using Asset
  2. Manage damage/repair requests.
  3. Summary of damage/repair requests.
  4. Compare prices/select NCC, repair service.
  5. Repair contract.
  6. Update Assetrepair results.
  7. Report on depreciation of used assets.
  8. Recommend liquidation of Asset.
  9. Export and liquidation of Asset

Directory management:

  • List of warehouses and yards
  • Warehouse location

Enter Warehouse

  • Enter purchase
  • Import production/processing
  • Enter withdrawal
  • Enter warehouse transfer
  • Enter payment
  • Other input:…


  • Export use
  • Manufacturing/processing
  • Export warehouse
  • Returning goods
  • Export sales
  • Sales of materials
  • Other export:…

Inventory Import-Export Report

  • Import report
  • Export report
  • Summary of Import and Export Inventory
  • General order-import 
  • General goods import tracking 
  • Statistics of domestic and imported warehouses 

View current inventory & actual inventory

  • Availability inventory report
  • Actual inventory count
  • Compare inventory and book inventory
  • View inventory card

Advanced management & analytics reports

  • Track demand - order - import stock 
  • Aggregate purchase price by NCC 
  • Details of supplies purchased under NCC 

Calculate the average export unit price at the time, the period

Update average export unit price for vouchers

Norm setting-BOM

Initialize a Work order

  • Create work orders according to BOM . norms
  • Work orders by level: BTP, machining, NVL
  • Proposal for granting NVL according to BOM . norms
  • Recommend buying according to BOM . norms
  • Execution of work orders, machine hours

Import production

Production production

Work order progress report

Set the price in BOM

Outsourcing process 

To the Investor

  • Manage the winning BOQs with the investor for each project
  • Manage bidding packages with investors

Manage contracts and addendums

  • Manage contracts with investors
  • Manage contract appendices with investors

Manage contract performance

  • Manage completed volume update slips by category - project
  • Monitor the volume of contracts the investor has performed

Manage the payment process with investors

  • Manage completed volume confirmation vouchers
  • Manage payment spreadsheets with investors
  • Manage payment proposals in installments with investors
  • Manage settlement proposals with investors

Project accounting department

  • Report the volume performed under the contract with the Investor
  • Summarize contractual debts with investors
  • Details of debts according to each contract with each Investor

On the side of the Subcontractor/Construction Team

  • Manage BOQs that Subcontractors / Construction Teams will perform
  • Manage bidding packages with Contractors/Construction Teams

Manage contracts and addendums

  • Manage contracts with Contractors/Construction Teams
  • Manage contract appendices with Contractors/Construction Teams

Manage the payment process with Contractors/Investors

  • Manage completed volume confirmation vouchers
  • Manage payment spreadsheets of Contractors/Construction Teams
  • Manage the payment requests in installments of the Contractor/Construction Team
  • Manage the settlement request forms of the Contractor/Construction Team

Project accounting department

  • Report the volume performed under the contract with the Contractor/Construction Team
  • Summarize debts of contracts with Contractors/Construction Teams
  • Details of debts according to each contract with each Contractor/Construction Team


  • Report on the overall status of each project
  • Report on the supply of materials for the project
  • Project cost overview report
  • Monitor the volume of contracts performed with the Investor
  • Monitor the volume of contracts the Contractor/Construction Team has performed

Accounting profession

  • Receipts
  • Payment
  • Debit
  • Alert
  • Accounting bill

Cost accounting

Asset/Equipment . Accounting

  • List of fixed assets/Equipment/Prepaid expenses
  • Table of depreciation of fixed assets/Equipment/prepaid expenses
  • Summary of depreciation of fixed assets/Equipment
  • Report on increase and decrease of fixed assets/Equipment

Payment Process

  • Manage domestic purchase invoices
  • Manage import purchase invoices 
  • Manage Refund Bills/Payment request
  • Manage employee advance requests 
  • Manage payment requests 
  • Manage supplier advance requests
  • Manage supplier payment offers

Accounting book report

  • Cash book money
  • General account of the subject 
  • General account of object (approved vote) 
  • Summary of case accounts 
  • T-report an account
  • Account Ledger

Financial report

  • Balance sheet arises
  • Accounting balance sheet
  • Business results
  • Direct cash flow

Evaluate Exchange rate difference


When customers choose from package 3, 4, 5 or 6: Customers are allowed to install software on customer’s server if needed.

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